MEMBERSHIPS Update February 2021

To all members who have been able to support the wall through keeping their memberships going whether for a few weeks or continued; we greatly appreciate your support, and equally understand that many of you may be in as much difficulty as ourselves and are unable to do so.

Our aim has always been to weather this storm and to keep the centre going for the future as near to what you have come to enjoy prior to Covid.

The current situation with AVW:

We have take what support is available from Government, both in grants and loans, unfortunately the grants available have not come close to covering our costs and we have been burdened with large loans and using personal finance to tide us through to opening. the furlough scheme, whilst supporting our staff through the crisis, leaves us at a very low level of staffing to keep up with the inevitable work that has to be continued towards opening.

Members support:

Whilst we hope you can keep supporting AVW and we appreciate any support, we do not take it for granted and would remind you that you can opt to freeze at any time. We are happy to retro freeze memberships or refund fees if your circumstances have changed.

You can get in contact with Simon about freezing memberships or anything else by email at

Stay safe, keep fit; running seems to be a thing with staff, plus the inevitable finger board sessions, remember your core (yes that means sit ups and buries!) and flexibility.

We will be here to support you with your goals when we open up.

Simon and the Team


Memberships give the best value way of gaining regular access.

Pre Paid memberships are offered as a single month, 3 months, 6 months and 12 months.

Monthly Paid memberships pay a regular amount with the 1st payment pro rata to the start of the following month. Offered with commitments for one, six or twelve months.

Discounts on shop and cafe purchases are offered to 3, 6 and 12 month memberships.

Student term time memberships are available up to 10th Oct at the bottom of the page.

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