All staff have a passion for improving their own climbing whether it’s for a GB team performance or a personal goal.

We regularly share our knowledge for the use of training to increase performance.

Our training equipment includes:

  • Finger boards x3
  • Lattice rung
  • Beast Maker 1000 & 2000
  • Beast Maker Micro Edges
  • Beast Maker 1000 with integrated Griptonite Motherboard
  • Rings x 2 sets
  • Bars,
  • Campus Board
  • Lattice board -variable angle, usually set at 20 degrees (the first Lattice Board in Scotland)
  • Free weights & Pullies
  • Griptonite tagged boulder problems for session analysis

We are continuing to introduce new and innovative training options, the latest are the Griptonite App based system and the Motherboard based BeastMaker, enjoy!