Lattice news for early 2020: It has almost been a year now since Lattice arrived in Dundee, with may of you taking advantage of the board for both training and assessments. In early 2020 we will be adding more opportunities to take advantage of Lattice in your training, watch this space.

Over the last 10 years the team at Lattice Training have gained traction from an idea to a fully grown (and growing) tool enabling climbers an insight into their strengths and weaknesses.

Originally focused on the competitive team climbers, increasingly climbers of a broad age, grade and experience have seen the benefits of an assessment and are climbing better for it.

Enabling a focused plan and opportunity to maximise the value from their training.

Full lattice assessments can take place at any of the lattice boards located around the UK and now in Dundee – the 1st in Scotland and backed by a motivated team of coaches who can push your climbing on to new levels.

The team at Lattice Training have also created the now popular CRIMPD app for your phones, proving a popular way to log your training and enabling a regular and thoughtful pattern in your training to develop. (The app is free).

Whats involved?

Pre assessment:

Filled in online.

Choose the wall you wish to do the assessment at, Dundee of course!

The Lattice Boards throughout the UK are set at one of several angles in order to work best for an individuals performance level. The wall in Dundee is currently set at 20 degrees ideal for those of you climbing routes of 6c or above. Dundees lattice boards was designed to be ‘variable’ angle so that we can offer assessments to the wider climbing community, only the second variable angle wall in the UK.

The Assessment:

Takes around 2- 2&1/2hrs.

Climbers normally arrive 30-40 minutes prior to assessment to get warmed up.

The assessment takes measurement of the climbers



Aerobic & Anaerobic function

Core stability


A totally personalised assessment and crucially it also reflects your data against the Lattice database of thousands of assessments, to give you a personalised assessment related to the climbing population as a whole and related to age, gender etc, with insight gained from the analysis of many.

Assessments are delivered by Lattice accredited assessors.

In Dundee these are Jonny Williams, Angus Harrison Smart and Simon Jenkins who have been trained by Lattice’s team.

Jonny holds the CWLA and is Development Coach trained, plus has a repertoire of outdoor climbing throughout Scotland and Europe, he has personal knowledge of the Lattice training system and is dedicated to his training & performance.

Angus holds the CWIA and is Foundation Coach trained, he has seen the benefits of a Lattice based training program with his personal performance measured against his regular trips to sun rock destinations. If he’s not climbing he will be planning his next trip.

Simon is an IFMGA guide and Development Coach trained, with many years of climbing and training.

“We all have busy lives, knowing how a focused training plan can increase performance against available time is crucial to motivation, long term success and enjoyment from you climbing”

After the assessment:

You will receive a break down of your results with analysis of where improvements aimed at your goals would work best.

You can then work forward either by focusing your own training plan on the results, take additional training from Duncan or Simon or from Lattice’s team, to realise your climbing goals.

Cost: The Assessment including pre-assessment and post assessment analysis £125.

Available angles: 10º, 15º, 20º, 27½º and +30º
The board is set at 20º as standard and we will adjust the angle for assessments or as advertised here and on social media.


With full details on training plans and products available, including rungs from the lattice board for your garage wall / gym.