We will be re-opening on the 31st August

We are Tayside’s only dedicated indoor climbing centre. Located in the centre of Dundee near the universities and easily accessed by all methods of transport.

We are open seven days a week and offer climbing facilities (bouldering, top roping, leading) for all ability levels. Our experienced and friendly staff are always happy to help and can run courses to suit all ages (from 7 years upwards).


  • Experienced Climbers and Boulderers plus Junior (14+) members
  • Novices Supervised by Competent Adults who have registered with the centre
  • You will have to choose between Roped Climbing or Bouldering
  • Sessions are 2&1/4hrs long MON – FRI and 2&1/2hrs long SAT & SUN
  • Please read our Covid Update (above) and the FAQ’s to familiarise yourself with what is expected
  • Anyone new to Avertical World MUST pre register prior to booking a session
  • Whilst you can book more than one session we ask you to be respectful to other users and only book the sessions you are going to turn up for, if you are not going to make it please let us know as we have limited space available

Currently we are not offering instruction / courses / coaching / kids club, though we will open these up as soon as we feel it is safe to do so.

Thanks for your patience

If you are new to Avertical World you MUST pre-register prior to booking a session



I’m registered and wish to book a session




Indoor climbing is great exercise, builds stamina, strength and skills, it’s exciting as well!

We have two main forms of indoor climbing these are:

BOULDERING: Low level climbing above crash mats, without ropes, exciting, easily accessible and suitable for beginners through to experts, young and old, We have hundreds of ‘problems’ to test yourself against! There are lots of challenges.

ROPED CLIMBING: Our higher walls stretch from just 5 metres high to over 10 metres in length. There are three forms of roped climbing:

  • Top Roping which involves a climber (you!) and a belayer.
  • Auto Belays which use a bit of mechanical ‘magic’ to automatically lower you down from the climb for your next try.
  • Lead Climbing is a more advanced form of rope work where the climber clips their rope as they climb, this is one of the techniques used outdoors.