Membership  £29 Per Month.

That’s right unlimited access to Avertical World for just £29 a month.

Initially we offered this great price for January, February & March, we are now hoping that the great take up we have had continues and that we can continue with this price going forward, which should help everyone pushed by the cost of living crisis to keep climbing.

Just 1 full months notice is required to cancel (we hope you won’t) and we will give 2 months notice prior to a membership price increase (we hope we won’t!).

We will have to put up some of our single entry and punch card prices in April, but will keep our great membership deal to help out everyone who wants to climb regularly


You make have seen the climbing at the Tokyo Olympics and be keen to give it a try.

All those Olympians will have started off at a centre similar to Avertical World and we have UK & Scottish team members regularly using the centre for their training as well as novice sessions running most days, see you soon!

Indoor climbing is great exercise, builds stamina, strength and skills, it’s exciting as well!

We have two main forms of indoor climbing these are:

BOULDERING: Low level climbing above crash mats, without ropes, exciting, easily accessible and suitable for beginners through to experts, young and old, We have hundreds of ‘problems’ to test yourself against! There are lots of challenges.

ROPED CLIMBING: Our higher walls stretch from just 5 metres high to over 10 metres in length. There are three forms of roped climbing:

  • Top Roping which involves a climber (you!) and a belayer.
  • Auto Belays which use a bit of mechanical ‘magic’ to automatically lower you down from the climb for your next try.
  • Lead Climbing is a more advanced form of rope work where the climber clips their rope as they climb, this is one of the techniques used outdoors.