The Family Session is an instructor lead session for up to 4 people.

Sessions are 1 hour in duration.

The session will be based from our main floor and may include Roped Climbing, Auto Belays and Bouldering.

Minimum age of participants 5+yrs (at least 1 adult must participate).

Costs £60.

Booking adult must complete our group booking form prior to arrival.

Session times are:

Saturdays & Sundays: 10.30am, 12.30pm, 2.30pm.

Monday to Friday: 11.30am, 1.00pm, 2.30pm, 4pm,

Availability can be checked from the booking page HERE


Book a party at Avertical World for an exciting indoor adventure all year round.

These sessions are normally for a group of up to 4 per instructor for a one hour session. For ages 7 years plus.


  • £60 for one hour (max group size up to 4).
  • £120 for one hour with two instructors (max group size up to 8).
  • Larger groups can be accommodated.

These prices include all equipment (shoes harness and helmet).

Times are subject to availability, please call our reception on 01382 201901 to book a date.

Refreshments and seating area are available at the centre.


Families can book a session for a mixed group of adults and children.

Cost per group of up to 4:1

One hour £60. (max group size 4).

One hour £120 with two instructors. (max group size 8).

Larger groups can be accommodated.

Sessions include all equipment (shoes, harness and helmet).

Times are subject to availability.

Refreshments are available at the centre.


Teaches the skills necessary (knots, equipment and belaying) for parents to bring their children indoor climbing without actually climbing themselves. Run at a time to suit. 2 hours session and your children will be required to attend to facilitate your learning. All equipment is included.

Cost: £60 for 1 Adult (maximum of 2 children). £85 for 2 Adults (maximum of 2 children).


Details for our junior climbers programme.

Running regular junior group sessions every week for Juniors 7yrs and older, where they join a group session run by one of our instructors.

We will be running a program of sessions through the holidays, please contact reception for full details.

1 – OPEN SESSIONS A great introduction to climbing, with regulars being encouraged to join the Intermediate sessions and progress through the NICAS scheme. These sessions do not have to be booked, though to guarantee a place we recommend that you do. Cost £15 including kit per session. Sessions Saturdays and Sundays, 1hr long.

2 – INTERMEDIATE SESSIONS For regular junior climbers this is the best option, The group will work through the NICAS levels with the centres instructors developing their skills, regular attendance is therefore recommended. Additional climbing activities such as abseiling, prussiking and slack lining will also be included in the programme.

Bookable as a term time block, length dependent on the term. Cost payable as a block, equivalent to £12 per session. Bookings for the next term normally open in the last week of the previous term, full details from reception. Kit included. Sessions run Saturday Sunday, 1hr long.

3 – ADVANCED SESSIONS These sessions are offered to our most experienced junior climbers when the staff feel they are ready to progress. They will be climbing confidently at 6b, have attained NICAS level 3 and present a mature attitude to their own climbing and those around them. Additionally, they must be willing to participate in both lead climbing and lead belaying, understanding the increased risks involved in this. Initially those invited shall work through an 8 week block, progressing towards NICAS level 4. Bookable as a term time block, length dependent on the term. Cost payable as a block, equivalent to £13 per session, ratio 4:1. Bookings for the next term normally open in the last week of the previous term, full details from reception. At this stage it is recommended that participants have their own shoes and harness (advice is available from staff).


Developing your full potential as a climber holds many rewards. We offer focused coaching sessions at a low ratio, typically 1:1 or 1:2. Aimed at improving your climbing, whether it’s learning to climb overhangs, planning a training programme for a long term goal or moving up a grade, we can help you on your way!

Costs: 1:1 £40 for one hour. additional person (2:1 ratio) £60 for one hour.

Max ratio of 2:1 for coaching sessions.

Other times and ratios are available on request.


The National Indoor Climbing Award Scheme is a national proficiency scheme to develop and accredit the skills of indoor climbing. It is designed to develop climbing skills on artificial climbing walls. There are five awards of increasing technical skill and responsibility which are open to climbers aged 7 years and up.

Candidates register with Avertical World for the scheme and are issued with a log book. They then attend training, continue to gain experience and record this in their log book. Avertical World staff will then carry out assessments and issue national certificates on behalf of NICAS.

Registration costs: £7.50 total for levels 1 to 3 and £7.50 total for levels 4 to 5.

(Clip folders available at an extra cost)

Levels are:

  • Foundation climber
  • Top Rope climber
  • Technical climber
  • Lead climber
  • Advanced climber

Further information is available from centre staff and



Yes, but there are some limitations:

A Family session is generally fine from 5 yrs upwards.
Experienced parents/climbers can sign in younger children if they think they will enjoy the experience.
Mixed age groups can be a challenge to manage (as parents will know). We recommend smaller group sizes if this is likely to be part of the make up of your group.
Kids MUST be 7 years plus to attend our Kids Club sessions and Kids Party groups.


We recommend T shirt, fleece and stretchy loose fitting trousers or track suit bottoms.
We do not recommend shorts as the climbing surface have a rough texture and knees can get rubbed.
All climbers wear our indoor climbing shoes which are designed to make climbing easy and fun (they are made of similar rubber to racing car tyres, to give the maximum grip)!.
If climbers have long hair or glasses we recommend a tie back.
Please leave jewellery, watches etc at home (as they will need to be removed before climbing).


Yes, call us to check that your new date or time is available.
Yes , again call us to let us know as soon as your group size changes, we ask that you give us as much notice as possible as staff will have been booked for your session and if additional staff are required this can be difficult at short notice.


Kids under 14 years of age need to be supervised by either an experienced adult climber or a centre instructor at all times within the centre.
If they are supervised by an experienced adult they can use the centre at any time we are open.
From 14 years of age experienced young climbers can climb independently once they have completed a Junior Registration Form, you as the parent / guardian have completed the Consent Form agreeing to this and presented it in person. Additionally, centre staff will verify their competence before issuing their Junior Registration Card.