It’s not for everyone and it means a lot of things, from climbing, snow covered Munros to Skiing and Boarding, a few images of Winters past, that tell a tale.

1 – Winters approach, so often in darkness through deep snow

2 – Easy gullies, the learning ground for future winter climbers

3 – Scotland? of course!

4 – Ephemeral ice on Labyrinth Direct

5 – Ptarmigan’s tale, runway take off

6 – Skye from Liathach’s western flank

7 – Igloo making in Glen Isla

8 – Golden Eagles print Ben Eighe

9 – Winter ridges


Whilst not directly climbing related, we all like a good sunrise! having got up early by necessity, every morning (some of you will have met the reason for this, see the images). Rain, cloud, lots of wind! plus some unforgettable sunrises, the rewards for the early rise, a bit like the anticipation of what might lie ahead on a day out climbing.

Hope you enjoy the first of hopefully what will be an inspirational series of stories.

All take from Broughty Ferry beach over several years, all images unedited.