Support for Avertical World

We have been closed since mid March without income.

We are still working to open as quickly without compromising the safety of our customers or staff.

Whilst we remain fit and health it has been a huge burden to pay our suppliers, update systems, etc.

If you can help in any small way we would be hugely grateful, we know how many people have enjoyed Avertical World in the 17+ years we have been open. Any help will go towards the expenses to keep us operating through the closure and through the restricted opening we are likely to have once we open again.

If you can’t help right now, please help by coming along as soon as we open. We will post the opening date as soon as we can and will advertise any restrictions that we may have to apply in the post opening period.

Thanks for your support over the years.

Kind regards,

Simon Jenkins

Avertical World

Support Options

There are two options for support, a single one off payment and a monthly payment. The monthly option can be canceled at any time.