Raffle Winners

Here are the results from the 2nd Winter Fun Boulder Comp Raffle. Prizes to be collected from reception

  1. Jacqui Brandt, Metolius Rock Rings
  2. Hjalmar Struck, Edelrid Chalk Bucket
  3. Tessa Minshull, Beal Chalk Bag
  4. Dundee Dave, Boot Bananas
  5. John Turco, I’bbz Brush
  6. Alonso.ATCO, T-Shirt
  7. Katie Nelis, Liquid Chalk (250ml)
  8. Andy Paterson, Liquid Chalk (100ml)
  9. Skye Campbell, Finger Tape
  10. Deirdre Jellema, Finger Tape
  11. Simon Robertson, Chalk Ball
  12. Raphael Busby, Chalk Ball
  13. Alistair Horner, Warmups Band
  14. Jenny Hill, Chia Charge Bar
  15. Dan Allan, Chia Charge Bar

Fun Comp Round 2 Results 2021/22

Well done to everyone who competed in the Second of our winter fun bouldering comps. Leaderboards are all available below. All 30 problems from the comp have been set up as a circuit on Griptonie and are available for everyone to try, we will also be adding some beta videos to Griptonite to help you get the send.

Raffle Winners

Here are the results from the Winter Fun Boulder Comp Raffle. Prizes to be collected from reception.

1st George Biddulph, Edelrid Sports Line 30m Rope

2nd Gabriel Mornet, Petzl Meteor Helmet

3rd Cameron Maclean, i’bbz Brush

4th Cara Douglas, Exerflex Power Putty

5th Bryony Harper, Exterflex Power Putty

6th Abelard Viguier, Warmups Band

7th Hector Clarke, Warmups Band

8th Amy Paterson, FlexEx

9th Kate Nelis, FlexEx

10th Daniel Doran, Chalk Ball

11th Fraser Robertson, Chalk Ball

12th Antony Hingston, Chalk Ball

13th Laura Mulderry, T-Shirt

14th Hjalmar Struck, T-Shirt

15th Raphael Busby, T-shirt

Fun Comp Round 1 Results 2021/22

A big thank you and well done to everyone who competed in the first of our winter fun bouldering comps. Leaderboards are all available below. All 30 problems from the comp have been set up as a circuit on Griptonie and are available for everyone to try, we have also added some beta videos to Griptonite to help you get the send.



1 – 29th October 21     OPEN 5pm 29th Oct to 7pm 31st Oct (3 days)

2 – 3rd December 21

3 – 28th January 22

4 – 4th March 22

COMPS IN 2021 / 22

Exciting news! our first comp of the season will be running Friday 29th October to Sunday 31st October.


30 Problems progressing from easy to very hard, points available from all problems.


You will have a 3 hour block within the open period (Friday 5pm to Sunday 7pm)


Juniors, Adults, Vets, Super Vets.


Through the Griptonite App – Standard system; 10, 7, 5, 1 point system for ‘Flash’ ‘2nd’, ‘3rd’, any successful try.


£4 plus your normal entry cost.


AT THE END OF THE COMP: A raffle will be run at the end of each comp and published online for collection at the centre.

AT THE END OF THE SERIES: A Series T Shirt for the overall winners (1st, 2nd & 3rd) in each category at the series end.


We have expanded the comp from just Friday night to include Saturday and Sunday so as to help avoid crowding and give everyone the chance to compete, you will be given 3 hours on your chosen day to complete as many of the problems as possible.

We are asking all competitors not to ‘hang around’ after competing, we will not be making any announcement at the end of the evening all results will be available online from the Griptonite app and our website.


We have hand sanitiser available throughout the centre.

You are obliged to wear masks around the centre other than when climbing.

Please give each other as much space a possible.


We will shortly be announcing the remaining dates within the series.

Previous Series INFO


With Lockdown 2 occurring before the end of the month we have chosen to extend the comp to the end of January. This should give everyone the chance to have a good go at all the problems.

Current standings are shown below (if you have a results sheet you wish to share and update the spreadsheet please forward a copy to info@averticalworld.co.uk)

The results so far were updated 12th Jan:

Our Winter Bouldering comp Series 2020 – With a difference


Our Winter Bouldering comp Series 2020 – With a difference

Red Point  is the sending of a problem or route after practicing sections or individual moves.

This series will allow for social distancing whilst having some fun.

The usual 30 problems from easy to ridiculous.

Points: 10 points for a clean Red Point ascent (as much practice before as you need).

Plus Bonus points:

2 extra points for a flash (first go without practice).

1 extra point for a second attempt clean (1 practice attempt)

4 Bonus point for reaching the bonus hold if marked (this cannot be added to a red point score!)


Update your score at reception and we will be updating the leader board on the websites comp page so you can see your progress.

Our Winter Bouldering comp Series 2020 – Season 18

This year we will be running a series with a difference, due to Covid we can’t have the usual Friday evening comps, so we are moving to a red- point series, you will be able to come in at quiet times and try the problems as many times as you wish

Up date your score at the end of each visit and see your place on the leader board posted on the website

Each comp will be a month long

You will be able to buy a score card from reception

The focus will be on red pointing – you will gain the main points if you manage the problem in as many goes as needed

There will be bonus points spread through out the problems

Full details to be announced here towards the end of September

FINAL RESULTS for this season’s Fun Series of Boulder Comps.

Well done to everyone who competed.

The new problems will be up to enjoy over the next month or two.

The dates for the full season’s Fun Series of Boulder Comps;


All photos by Kieran Duncan www.kieranjduncan.com

There are regular competitions that run at Avertical World through the year.

We can also run a competition or event for your group, please enquire at reception.

Avertical World Winter Season Series

We have run a series of four friendly bouldering competitions through the winter season since opening in 2003. These are frequently amongst the best attended competitions in Scotland.

We aim to make the comps fun and friendly sessions and run an open raffle of outdoor/climbing equipment at the end of each competition – all you need to do is just hand in your score card, it doesn’t matter how well you have climbed during the competition!

Please note that this season our second competition is being held as part of the Scottish National Bouldering League (SNBL).

Full Comp Details for the 2019-20 Season

Avertical World FUN Winter Bouldering Comp Series

RULES & Common Sense reminders

There are a total of 30 problems.
Each category (Easy & Hard) climb 20 of the problems: Easy category climb problems 1-20.
Hard category climb problems 11-30.
(The Hard category start with a 100 points bonus)
Some problems may have holds marked with a ‘J’ these holds are for
juniors only.

• Three goes at each problem, scoring 10, 7 or 5 points for 1st, 2nd or 3rdsuccessful attempt.

Start each problem at hold marked SS. Use both holds if there are two marked with an S.
Sitting start means that your bum is the last thing to leave the ground whilst your hands remain on the start holds SS.

Finish, in control with both hands on the hold marked FF, or the two marked with an F.
Flat panels are always allowed for smearing for both hands & feet.
Bridging onto adjoining walls is not allowed unless marked on the route card. Please mark your score sheet as soon as possible with the pen provided.

If you must cheat (please don’t) be prepared to be verbally abused by everyone watching.
If in doubt ask BEFORE trying the problem!
Comp Starts 5pm

Comp finishes at 9:00pm, please add your score up and hand it in as soon as possible, not at 9pm!
Results and Raffle are usually available around 9.30pm.
If you don’t like your prize please give it to someone who does!

  • ✓  Whilst you are waiting for your go, try to be aware of those people climbing nearby, if they come flying off, they may land on you, whether you know them or not!
  • ✓  Do not go into the bouldering bay unless you are climbing or spotting a climber.
  • ✓  Be especially cautious around the arch.
  • ✓  The Mats won’t necessarily save you if you land awkwardly or on theedge of the mat. The mats may not prevent serious injury.
  • ✓  If you plan to “go for it!” warn everyone and get someone to spot you!
  • ✓  If you see someone “bending the rules” politely tell them what theyshould be doing. Don’t come and moan to us afterwards!
  • ✓  No loose chalk please, & keep your use of chalk to a minimum. (Pleaseuse the hooks to hang up your chalk bag)
  • ✓  If you have any queries, please ask a member of staff.
  • ✓  Bouldering is not a risk free activity and you have accepted this byparticipating.
    Thanks The staff at Avertical World 2019

2019 / 2020 WINTER SEASON


Round 1:  1st November 2019

Round 2:  6th December 2019 (SNBL)

Round 3:  31st January 2020

Round 4:  6th March 2020

Comps Start: 5pm

Comp Ends: 9pm

Results & Raffle c. 9.30pm




Full details are on our competition poster which is displayed below:

A snapshot from our November Comp.

ClimbScotland FUN Climbing Competition 2019

(Formally the Scottish Schools Climbing Competition)

We are running the Competition again this autumn.

Full details are available from staff at reception.

the comp runs from September to October 2019.

Full details here, when available.

Scottish Youth Climbing Series

Final at Avertical World 25th March 2017

Young climbers can pit their skills against like minded kids of their age group in a fun and supportive series that takes place across Scotland. The Scottish events are split into two regions Scotland North and South, the events move around the venues capable of hosting the event. The 2017 series dates are on the poster.

Avertical World is hosting the Scottish final on the Saturday 25th March, see you there!

We shall publish the dates and locations for the 2018 series when they become available.